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Dr. Yeong-Tae Song received his master’s and doctorate in computer science from the
University of Texas at Dallas in 1993, 1999 respectively. Before joining academia,
he has about 8 years of industry experience as a software engineer and a network software
test engineer. He has been PIs for numerous research projects including Telemedicine
project from NASA, electronic medical record system for the state of Maryland, and
various industry projects such as smart-learning management system and Voice-over-IP
network capacity measurement. His research areas have been software engineering, enterprise
architecture, e-learning, and medical informatics.

Scholarly Papers | Synopsis:

Yeong-Tae Song, Sungchul Hong, Jinie Pak, “Empowering patients using cloud based Personal
Health Record System”,  Proceedings of SNPD2015, Takamatsu, Japan

Yeong-Tae Song, Neekoo Torkian, Fatimah Al-Dossary, “Ontological Personal Healthcare
using Medical Standards”,  Proceedings of IWBBIO2015, Granada, Spain

Yeong-Tae Song, Yuanqiong Wang, and Yongik Yoon, “Smart Learning and Collaborative
Authoring based on Knowledge Level” Proceedings of ECEL2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jianqin Zhao, Yeong-Tae Song, “Improving Industrial Production Process using computer
technology: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum”, Proceedings of ICIS 2014, Taiyuan, China

Philip DePalo, Kyungeun Park, Yeong-Tae Song,, “Improving Patient Care in Transport
Medicine through an Ontological Approach”, Proceedings of ICUIMC 2014, Siem Reap,

Yeong-Tae Song, Kyungeun Park, Yongik Yoon, “Ontology based Learner-centered Smart
E-Learning System”, Proceedings of GUIDE2013, Athens, Greece

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Yeong-Tae Song, Kriss Glassmire, Atiya Afsana, Yongik Yoon, “Converged Learner Profile
in MOOC environment”, Proceedings of ICMIA2013, Jeju island, Korea

Philip DePalo, Kyungeun Park, Yeong-Tae Song, “Healthcare Interoperability: CDA Documents
Consolidation Using Transport Record Summary (TRS) Construction”, to appear in vol
8005, Lecture Notes in Springer Computer Science series, HCI 2013, Las Vegas, NV

Yeong-Tae Song, Yuanqiong Wang, Sungchul Hong, Yong-Ik Yoon, “Smart Learning Management
System Framework”, Proceedings of DATA 2012, Rome, Italy

Philip DePalo, Yeong-Tae Song, “Healthcare Interoperability through Enterprise Architecture”,
Proceedings of ICUMC 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kyung-Ok Park, Yeong-Tae Song, Gu-Beom Jeong, “LMS Model Design Based on SCORM Using
Hybrid Base and Hybrid Reasoning”, Proceedings of SERA2011, Baltimore, USA   

Philip DePalo and Yeong-Tae Song, “Implementing Interoperability Using an IHE Profile
for Interfacility Patient Transport “, Proceedings of CNSI 2011, Jeju, Korea

Professional Service:

Program chairs for IEEE conferences – SNPD, SERA


Personal Health Record Framework, Smart Learning Management Systems

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