Writer’s Block: A Definition by Example

Writer’s Block: A Definition by Example

Michael Bracken has a pretty good definition up on what is writer’s block. By reading some definitions, it pretty much gives readers some good indications on how to overcome the situation. Several good examples include:

  • Writer’s Block is a “dearth of ideas, a state of self-dissatisfaction, and an inability to organize” (Polking 434);
  • Writer’s Block is self-conscious about the writing situation because he has failed to do any “preliminary work such as brainstorming or outlining” (Purdue University);
  • Writer’s Block is because he has “psychological problems” (Guilford) “entirely unrelated to writing” (Polking 434) and is “lazy” (Belkom), he has decided that “it’s more fun to rest on the laurel” of having published once than to back up his claim of being a writer by creating new work (Belkom).

Fear of writing something unrelated is probably one of the deadly reason on writer’s block. The tips to overcome that maybe is to drop and write everything down and organize the thoughts on the paper, instead of organize it in your brain.

Writer’s Block: A Definition by Example – [SFWA.org]

View more information: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/writers-block-a-definition-by-example.html

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