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TU Wireless Network — The freedom to access Internet and network resources anytime,
from anywhere on campus.

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TU Wireless Network

TU Wireless network offers two on-campus connections: tu-secure and tu-openaccess. See instructions for setting up either network on your device.

Faculty, Staff and Students

tu-secure is the wireless connection on campus. tu-secure provides a secure connection and
the ability to access on campus resources including printers, network drives (H:,
O:, etc.) and/or TU resources.

A valid Towson NetID is required, and the Acceptable Use of the TU Wireless Network policy should be followed. Forgot your password? Reset it online or call the OTS Help Desk at 410-704-5151.

Entertainment Systems and Streaming Media

tu-openaccess should be used for entertainment devices such as ROKU, Xbox, and Wii’s. No guest
account is needed.


tu-openaccess should be used by campus visitors. 

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Wireless Network Coverage

TU wireless networking extends across the campus’ 329 acres. See areas of campus that
are covered in the Wireless Coverage Map of TU Campus (PDF) or check the list below for specific locations. 

Campus Locations with Wireless Network Coverage