Which Glasses Suit Your Face Shape?


If you have to wear glasses, you might as well wear a pair that suits your face shape! Here are the best frames for your face shape:

Square Face Shape
Square face shapes are defined by a broad forehead and strong jawline, proportional in length and width.

Oval glasses with bold or dark colours are best for square face shapes, whilst square shapes should be avoided as it adds yet more strong angles.

Heart Face Shape
Defined by a broad forehead that rounds down into a small chin, those with heart shaped faces usually have high and angled cheekbones.

Like those with square face, heart shaped faces suit rounded glasses although light colours are suggested. Top heavy frames will accentuate the disproportional aspects of your face.

Oval Face Shape
The oval face shape is the most versatile, so almost all frame shapes will suit the individual. The only thing to avoid is oversized glasses.

Round Face Shape
Square glasses suit rounded faces the best, as they provide contrast and angles. Small, round frames will have the opposite effect, so attempt to avoid them.

Diamond Face Shape
Wide cheek bones and a narrow forehead suit oval frames, preferably with thick brow lines to balance out the face. Diamond face shapes are the rarest, so embrace the shape!

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The Best Eye Glasses For Your Face Shape | Zennioptical

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