When to Worry about Eye Twitching

Eye twitching, much like eyelid tics and spasms, is never something that can make you lose sleep over. The habitual rippling muscle contractions come and go, sometimes persisting for a few days and thus prompting one to consider Googling more about it. But what many of us don’t probably know about this is that the twitching can be a precursor to something that’s serious. Of course, you won’t know it unless you get to understand why Sanaz Majd’s “When to Worry about Eye Twitching” post deserves a few minutes of your time!

Take the case of Eileen, a 45-year-old female accountant, for example:

Eileen, just like anyone out there, experienced “intermittent and multiple bouts” of it for about a month. The problem affected her efficiency, and it prompted her to seek the advice of Sanaz. The severity had changed, and the accountant was worried that it was something devastating like a brain tumor – Google says so!

A little glance at her patient’s medical history

Sanaz is a house call medic, and that means she knows how to diagnose a disease and probably a bit more reliable at it than Google. She diagnosed the twitching, and the results were an eye-opener. From her differential diagnoses, it was clear that Eileen’s condition may have resulted from multiple causes.

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Surprisingly, among the causes are what we do or have every day – eye strain and fatigue, alcohol, coffee, lack of sleep, eye injuries and other reasons. It isn’t a sign of any cancerous tumor, and from how she questioned Eileen and the conclusions, it is clear why many of us experience it frequently.

Reflection based on the post

Twitching happens typically in the left eye only and affects those who wear glasses as well as those who don’t. From her post, though, it is amazing how what many of us do or have every single day contributes to the twitching, despite the rest of the body working well. Maybe you don’t spend hours on your computer or have no allergies, and you still experience your left eye twitching. Or perhaps you only do a single cup of coffee per day, experience little quality sleep and feel the twitching once per week.

This is just a snippet!

Reading this post, you’ll get to know the reason why you also feel the little twitch and how you can eliminate it. It also explains why the feeling could be a signal to more severe disease like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

To read the full article, click here.

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