What To Do If You Fall Through The Ice

Survival 101: What To Do If You Fall Through The Ice


Perhaps we didn’t please Poseidon last year, I don’t know, but in many areas of the world the weather is pretty crap right now. Just in case it’s icy where you live we thought we’d share how you can survive falling through the ice.

Step One

So you’ve fallen through the ice, bad times. The first step is to not breath the water in which you should probably know not to do anyway, however the temperature of the water here will cause you to gasp and hyperventilate.

Step Two

Calm yourself, it’s crucial you find where you fell in which is much easier when you relax. Don’t worry, you got this!

Step Three

Don’t try to pull yourself out straight away, you should kick your way out horizontally like a fish. If you can’t get out place your arms still on the ice so they will freeze. When rescuers come they will see you even if you’ve lost consciousness.

Step Four

Once out, roll away. Roll like your life depends on it – which it might – and find warm, dry shelter.

How to Survive Falling Through the Ice: An Illustrated Guide | Art Of Manliness

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