What These 11 Colors of Urine Reveal About Your Health

What These 11 Colors of Urine Reveal About Your Health

Have you ever noticed how your urine changes color according to how you eat and what you drink? Your pee can be a variety of colors, but peeing the colors of the rainbow isn’t necessarily a healthy thing. This is why it’s good for you to understand what your urine color says about your health!

If you’re like me, you drink a lot of water on a daily basis. I drink around 4 bottles of water a day. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is recommended that men drink about 13 cups and that women should drink about 8 cups of water daily depending upon their weight and activity level. When you’re active and drink plenty of water, your pee is most likely clear or has a light yellow tinge to it. But if you’re an active person and your urine is red, this could indicate that you may have a kidney disease or a urinary tract infection; or you probably have just eating beets which can result in beeturia, the passing of pink or red urine because of a compound called betanin in the vegetable.

Your urine is a very useful tool in diagnosing any health problems you may have, and thanks to this info-graphic by the Cleveland Clinic, you now have a guide to understanding what your pee color says about the status of your health.


Some of the colors that can leave your body can be scary, but they are all real and reveal something about your internal state! If you got value from this post and infographic, share it with your friends so they can too become aware of how their urine color explains their health!

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