What Does Santa Get Up To On Christmas Eve?

For many of us, Christmas Eve is a time of complete relaxation. Putting your feet up in front of ‘Only Fools and Horses’. A few drinks. Zero work. Generally not doing much of anything.

Try telling that to Santa! Father Christmas might have a, how do we say, ‘light’ workload the rest of the year, but come Christmas Eve he’s got a logistical nightmare on his hands, whizzing all over the world delivering presents and good tidings to all. And with that heavy costume, long beard, and a team of reindeer to keep in check.

Somehow, though, as evidenced by the fact he gobbles down the mince pie and sherry you leave out and places a pile of presents under your Christmas tree (real, we hope), he always manages to make it – just in the nick of time.

But how does he manage to pack it all in? Help’s at hand. Content marketing and SEO agency BlueGlass explain it in their new infographic. Thanks to the several thousands of calories he puts away to keep him going, a longer-than-expected Christmas Eve due to the Earth’s rotation, lashings of booze, and what looks like supersonic sleigh speeds, St. Nick always delivers.

Merry Christmas!

View more information: https://www.lifehack.org/510721/what-does-santa-get-christmas-eve

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