Virtual Workspace & Remote Access

When off campus, faculty, staff and students have options for accessing Towson University
applications, email and network. 

Virtual Workspace

TU’s Virtual Workspace (PDF) is a web-based, remote access product that allows TU users to remotely access the
Towson Desktop, secure share drives and published applications from virtually any
computer anywhere with an Internet connection and a browser. When using the Virtual
Workspace for the first time, software must be installed. Watch the Virtual Workspace (VIDEO) to learn more.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The VPN: Virtual Private Network (PDF) and VPN: Virtual Private Network for Mac (PDF) is used by faculty and staff needing to map to a network drive, or connect directly
to a personal or departmental drive. Students needing to use TU’s VPN for a class
should contact Student Computing Services to request access.

Remote Desktop Gateway

Using the Remote Desktop Gateway (for faculty and staff), connect remotely to your
Towson University PC. Once connected, you’ll see the desktop of your TU computer and
have access to all software and data, just as if you were actually there.

Remote Desktop for PC (PDF) allows faculty and staff at Towson University to connect remotely to their Windows-based
TU computer from any other Windows-based computer.

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If you want to use your local webcam, printer, and audio devices while connected to
remote desktop, you must make those selections before connecting. See how to use local devices while connected (VIDEO).

Remote Desktop for Mac (PDF) allows faculty and staff at Towson University to connect remotely to their TU PC from
any Macintosh computer (home, hotel or different location on campus). 

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