Using OneNote on two or more machines

If you are using OneNote, you may care about its portability across different machines, because you don’t want to lock down all your notes in a machine – You want to move the notes wherever you go. Don’t worry about it anymore – Chris Pratley, a OneNote software designer, shares his tip on syncing OneNote between multiple machines. He introduces couple of ways, like using Windows offline files, file syncing program, and server etc:

You can place a single section, multiple sections, or an entire folder (with subfolders) onto a UNC server share (i.e. normal file share using the \servershare syntax) or multiple sections onto an http:// location that supports WebDAV ( Typical servers that support WebDAV you might be familiar with are MSN Groups and Windows SharePoint Services, as well as any of the “hard drive in the sky” websites.

For example, I keep one section on my personal website (my hosting service supports WebDAV), and all my machines and my wife’s machines point to it. I set this up just by saving the file to the web site (Use File/Save As, then paste the URL of your web site into the Save dialog). This adds to your set of sections a “Shortcut section” tab to the section file which is now on the web site. You can go ahead and delete the original now. Then from every other machine I just did a File/Open and navigated to the web site, and opened the file. Of course each machine needs to have read/write access to the location where the section lives…

Having the notes in a server is probably the best way to share them across machines. If you take the internet server route, make sure your connection is quick enough, otherwise you may have difficult time to save a big notes with pictures or files.

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Using OneNote on two or more machines – [Chris Pratley]

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