Using a Time Map

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Using a Time Map

This bit came in from Julie Morgenstern’s May newsletter, on using a Time Map. This could be useful to you. FYI, Julie Morgenstern is a professional organizer and has several books on time and space organization, all of which I’ve found to be really useful, so I highly recommend them. A blurb from the newsletter:

A Time Map provides structure to your day — carving out regular time for what is most essential to you. Rest assured that a Time map can be adapted to your personal style, whether you thrive on routine or variety, whether you have complete or only partial control over your day. Built around your own custom set of priorities and personal style, your Time Map reflects who you are and what is important to you.

The thing I like about it is if you look at the map, it’s not controlling every moment, which is what we think of sometimes when you start calendaring things. It’s just a thumbnail of what happens when, an overarching structure that is easy enough to remember from minute to minute.

Nick Senzee is membership director of a professional design society in the DC metro area. He likes to read and write and puts his thoughts down in his blog.

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