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The Office of University Promotions and Events develops and implements events created
on behalf of the Office of the President, University Advancement, and other university
leadership. The office collaborates with campus colleagues to extend the presidential
standard of excellence throughout the University, and provide guidance in the production
of the high-visibility functions like university wide events, receptions, ceremonies,
and fundraisers. The department provides regular assessment of events and the return
on investment of sponsorships.

The office manages the policies, operations, and use of three exclusive presidential
venues for high-level cultivation of university donors, prospective donors and area

The Office of University Promotions and Events is responsible for maintaining the
centralized sponsorship development program. The department is the creative force
in the development of corporate sponsorship proposals, sponsorship appeals, and sponsor-oriented
special events. 

Sponsorship of outside organizational events helps Towson University to position itself
within Maryland in relation to its competitors.  It enhances the University’s overall
mission, reputation and image and provides support to local organizations to foster
civic engagement, consistent with the University’s strategic goals.

The cornerstones for the Office of University Promotions and Events is generating
impressive events, strategic sponsorships, building participation and affinity among
faculty, students, staff and alumni, while strengthening relationships with donors,
corporate sponsors/partners, and government officials and supporting the university’s
priorities in a direct and powerful way.

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Presidential and Signature Events

The Office of University Promotions & Events establishes and maintains the TU standard
of excellence for the creation, planning and execution of inspiring campus events
created on behalf of the Office of the President, University Advancement, and other
university leadership. The office is responsible for all aspects of Presidential Events,
defined as those events hosted by the president or in which she plays a major role,
and other high-profile/high-impact events that directly support the values, mission,
goals and priorities of Towson University.  

Contact Us

Louise Miller, Assistant Vice President
Email:  lmiller AT_TOWSON   Phone:  410-704-6037

Teresa Hardin, Director of Presidential Events and The Auburn House Management
Email: thardin AT_TOWSON Phone:  410-704-4393

Joan Sellers, Promotions & Event Assistant
Email: jsellers AT_TOWSON  Phone:  410-704-4400

Kyle Jackson, Pepsi Intern
Email: kjacks43 AT_TOWSON Phone:  410-704-4400

Vacant, Assistant Director for Events & Engagement

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