Understand More About Depression In These 3 Diagrams

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Are you depressed? Do you know someone who is? You might lose focus in your job, end an important relationship, suffer a personal loss, or something else. All of these pressures can compound your ailments in being depressed. Everyone goes through minor depression at some time, but this is not always chronic or severe.

One out of every four people in the US suffers from depression, and 10 percent of the population take antidepressants. This makes learning about depression essential. The following infographic will help you to understand depression. Others follow providing help to overcome it.


Here’s a chart demonstrating the differences between what people think and the actualities of depression.



As mentioned in the first diagram above, ten percent of the population take antidepressants. This is one form of therapy on which there is considerable debate, not only because of long term side effects, but also because it is very difficult to scientifically prove long term effectiveness. As the chart suggests, it’s best to consult with a professional on which treatment method to use. A lot of professionals are unaware of alternatives. The rest of this article focuses on these.


From the infographic above you’ve learned that one method is exercise.

Another method utilizes journal writing with a series of questions. This identifies triggers of depression, and over time shows repeating patterns.

Now you better understand depression, its symptoms and how you can use alternative methods to combat it.

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