Tuition Payment Plan (Tiger Installment Plan)

Tiger Installment Plan (TIP)

The Tiger Installment Plan lets you break down bill payments throughout the semester
so you have extra time to pay for school while avoiding a late fee or schedule cancellation.
Current semester tuition, fees, dining, on-campus housing and other miscellaneous
charges can be included in the plan. Millennium, West Village 1 and Tubman housing
costs are excluded.

Students or their authorized users can enroll in the installment plan online each
term. An enrollment fee is charged based on the enrollment completion date (see chart
below). During sign up, you will enter the e-check or credit card information that
will be used to automatically process payments on the plan due dates. As is customary
with all payments to Towson University, electronic ACH check payment methods have
no additional fee while credit cards have a 2.85% (minimum $3) fee on the charge amount.

During sign up, all current outstanding charges for the term are automatically pulled
into the selected plan (prior semester and past due charges cannot be included). Any
funds that have been relayed to the Bursar’s Office by the Office of Financial Aid
as disbursed or displayed on your account as anticipated will be credited towards
the plan’s balance due. All plan payment amounts are determined at time of sign up,
but will be recalculated (increased or decreased) prior to the final automatic scheduled
payment. This is based on any balance changes that have occurred between initial plan
enrollment and the final payment. This occurrence is due to financial aid that may
be increased, decreased, or additional charges that may assess for the term after
sign up (Ex: registration of additional classes, added meal plan, altered student
housing, or other miscellaneous charges).

Any student wishing to sign up for a Tuition Installment Plan who will pay a portion
of their term bill with funding that does not go through the Office of Financial Aid,
such as 529 college prepaid funds, or third party payments, please contact the Bursar’s
Office directly at 410-704-2100. (Please have proof of this expected funding available.)

Please note: If any scheduled automatic payment transactions are not able to be fulfilled
(returned check from the bank or declined charge) a one-time per semester late fee
of $150 will be assessed. All plans must be officially enrolled in by the bill due
date to avoid a late fee or possible class schedule cancellation.

How do I sign up?

There are different directions for students and authorized users.

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Student Sign-Up
  • Go to myTU / StudentApps
  • Login to Towson Online Services Student Center
  • Click/Tap Student & Faculty Dashboard (tile)
  • Click/Tap the Financials Menu (left menu)
  • Click/Tap TIP Payment Plan (TouchNet), which will open up the TouchNet eBill and Payment
  • Click Payment Plans in top header and follow instructions to enroll. 
Authorized User Sign-Up
  • Go to the Bursar’s home page
  • Click Authorized User Login
  • Click Payment Plans in top header and follow instructions to enroll

 Fall 2021 TIP Payment Plans

Plan Name
Number of Payments

4Pay Calculated TIP (1st Installment Due)
$30 Yes (25% of term balance, which counts as first payment)
3Pay Calculated TIP 3 8/3/2021
$40 No
3Pay Calculated TIP (1st Installment Due) 3 9/8/2021
$30 Yes (33% of term balance, which counts as first payment) 9/10/2021
2Pay Calculated TIP 2 9/8/2021
$40 No 9/10/2021
2Pay Calculated TIP (1st Installment Due) 2 9/15/2021
$40 Yes (50% of term balance, which counts as first payment) 10/10/2021


Are payments automatically withdrawn?

Yes. During enrollment of the Tiger Installment Plan, you will be required to enter
either a checking account or credit card number that will be used to automatically
withdraw funds on your payment plan installment due dates. This payment method you
choose is used for the immediate processing of the enrollment fee (and down payment
if applicable, based on the plan you select). This same method is also used for the
remaining scheduled payments of your plan.

Can I change my payment method after enrollment?

Yes. The payment method can be changed but you must use your student or authorized
user log in that was used to create the original payment plan. Changes to payment
methods for plans originally created through student log in, go to Towson Online Services,
and click Self Service, then Student Center and under Finances, click Tiger Installment
Plan. Changes to payment methods for plans originally created through the authorized
user log in, go to and click on authorized user login found
on the right hand side of page.

The steps to make the change depends on what payment method was used for your original
enrollment. Please find your scenario below and follow the instructions. This process
must be done prior to your next scheduled installment due date.

Checking to New Checking Account

You must create a new ACH electronic payment method. Once logged in to TouchNet, select
the Payment Methods page under My Account. Click on Add New Payment Method and select
Electronic Check Method. Enter all required banking information and enter a name for
your new Saved Payment Method, for ex., Tuition Account. This name must be different
from your saved payment method used during your original payment plan enrollment. Next,
select the Payment Plans page. Under Currently Enrolled Plans select CHANGE and use
the drop down to select your new payment method.

Checking to Credit Card

Once logged into TouchNet, select Payment Plans page. You will see Currently enrolled
plans, select CHANGE and use the drop down to select payment via PayPath. Proceed
with steps to the end of this process. You will get a message that states your payment
method was changed successfully.

Credit Card to another Credit Card

Contact the Bursar’s Office for assistance.

Can I use my debit card?

If your debit card has a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Or Discover card logo
on it, then technically you should be able to use it as a credit card payment. However,
we do not recommend you do so for a couple of reasons. The first is that a card with
a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Or Discover logo is processed as a credit card
and is assessed a 2.85% fee (minimum $3) on each charge amount. If your plans are
to use a debit card where funds are coming from a checking account, then you should
avoid this fee by entering an eCheck payment method instead. The second reason is
that many banks have a maximum allowed charge amount per day for debit cards. If your
scheduled payment amount for the Tiger Installment Plan is in excess of that amount
then the charge will come back as declined to the University. This decline may result
in the Bursar’s Office assessing a late fee for the term.

Are there any additional fees for using a credit card as my payment method?

All payments made with a credit card whether directly to your account or through a
Tiger Installment Plan are processed by a third-party vendor, and are assessed a 2.85% convenience
fee* (minimum $3) on the payment amount.

Will I be given of a reminder of an upcoming payment or if payment amount changes?

Yes! You will receive an email from TouchNet prior to an upcoming scheduled payment
as a reminder, and an additional email if your planned payment amount has changed.

Can I make additional or early payments outside the scheduled plan dates?

Yes you may, but only in person (Cash or Check) or with a mailed in payment (paper
check). Additional payments for charges related to a term that is currently enrolled
in a Tiger Installment Plan cannot be done online or with a credit card. Please see
FAQ question number 7, “Can my payment amount change after enrollment” for information
on how an additional payment made will affect your future Tiger Installment Plan payment(s).

Please note that you are permitted to make online payments as usual if you are paying
outstanding charges that are assessed outside of the term that has a current enrolled
Tiger Installment Plan. (Example: a parking ticket displays on your account from a
prior term)

Can my payment amount change after enrollment?

Yes, your scheduled payment amount can increase or decrease after enrollment. The
Bursar’s Office monitors daily for new term charges (Example: Additional classes being
registered for or adding a meal plan) and for new credits (Ex: additional financial
aid being posted to the student account). This means that your upcoming scheduled
payment amount(s) can change after enrollment. In the event an adjustment occurs,
the student will receive an email alerting them to the new payment amount. It is important
to note that plan recalculations stop occurring 5 days before an upcoming TIP payment
is to be processed, so any new charges or credits that happen during this 5 day window
will only affect payment(s) after the upcoming payment.

Which terms can the Tiger Installment Plan be used?

Tiger Installment Plans are offered for fall, spring and summer terms. Only the winter
term is not offered due to its short duration.

Can I have more than one TIP plan for the same semester?

No. We understand that there may be some situations where two people would like to
split term charges for a single student and each be on a payment plan to do so. However,
our system cannot accommodate having more than one plan per student per semester.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us with any additional questions you may have.


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