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Who has to pay differential tuition?

Differential tuition costs will be phased in over three academic years, with annual
rate increases from spring 2020 to spring 2022. 

For spring 2020, affected students will pay $21 per credit hour for courses within
these subject codes: ACCT, BUSX, CIS, COSC, EBTM, ECON, ENTR, FIN, FPLN, ITEC, LEGL,
MKTG, MNGT and NURS.  Beginning in spring 2021, the differential will be $42 per credit.
In spring 2022 and beyond, the differential will be $63 per credit. The differential
cost is capped so that no student will pay more than $250 per term in 2020, $500 per
term in 2021, or $750 per term in 2022 and beyond. No student will be assessed more
than $3,000 in tuition differential during their academic career.

The differential tuition cost is in addition to standard tuition and fees. It may
be added to other applicable courses and/or programs.

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