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The demonstrative determiners this/that, these/those point to something that is close or distant. The closeness can be in:

  • space (next to the speaker, 20 metres from the speaker, 1000km from the speaker)
  • time (now, yesterday, last week, next year)
  near far
singular this that
plural these those

Like all determiners, demonstrative determiners come at the beginning of a noun phrase, so they come in front of any adjective(s).

Look at these example sentences:

  • I like this food.
  • I use these pens.
  • I have to do it this morning.
  • We don’t meet these days.
  • Look at that big cloud.
  • Can you see those birds?
  • Do you remember that man we met last week?
  • Those days on holiday were enjoyable.

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