This Makes Learning Guitar Fun and Funny

Have you ever watched your favorite guitarist shred like no other, run to the nearest guitar and think “where do I even begin with this hunk of wood?” Have no fear, compadres, because this intelligent and turnt up video will make learning guitar easy for you!

With knowledge of music theory and a hilarious delivery, Mash’Allah shows beginner guitarists how to play guitar in the simplest way possible. In this lesson, Mash’Allah teaches you the E minor guitar chord. It may quite simply be the easiest chord you will learn on the guitar. You will only need 4 things: the first, second, and third strings (tuned to the pitches e, b and g, respectively) and your right hand. Simply strum from the third string downwards and you will make the E minor chord.

Now, for those of you who have taken lessons on the guitar before and are scratching your head as to how you are making an E minor chord with only three strings, it is for the simple fact that you only need three pitches to create an e minor chord: E, B and G. In this lesson, you are learning the one-octave E minor chord as opposed to the commonly used two-octave E minor chord.

Though Mash’Allah has made it easy for you to play the E minor chord, you will still need to practice.

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Have fun!

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