These 20 Creative Buildings Make The World Much More Interesting

Look around you. There are houses and buildings. What you see, however, is probably not eye-catching architecture. Presenting 20 creative buildings from around the world for you to enjoy!

1. The Barcode Building

This shopping mall was designed by Vitruvius and Sons. It is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Photo Source: Funny Buildings

2. Basket Building

This beautiful basket is the headquarters of Longaberger Company in Newark, Ohio (USA). This unique building is famously known as the world’s largest basket.

Photo Source: Photo Phase

3. The Kansas City Library

This building is any book-lover’s heaven. Structured like a single book shelf, this beautiful architectural construction is in Kansas City, Missouri (USA).

Photo Source: Hot Trip

4. Atomium

Built in 1958, this museum of technology and design has eight floors. The floors are dedicated to museum space and restaurants. Atomium is situated in Brussels, Belgium.

Photo Source: Panoramio

5. Upside-down House

A small village in Szymbark, northern Poland, is a huge tourist attraction every year since 2007 because of a unique house designed by the philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski.

Photo Source: Freshome

6. The Piano House

Built in a rural area of  Huainan, Anhui, China, this piece of musical structure consists of a violin and a piano.

Photo Source: Facts Stop

7. The Teapot

Care for  some tea? Drop by this hotel in Zunyi, China.

Photo Source: Hug China

8. Atlantis (Dubai)

Situated in Dubai, Atlantis is the heart of Palm Jumeirah, the man-made island, that describes the word “grand” to its full context.

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Photo Source: Dynamic Architecture

9. Crazy House

The house says it all. This is located in Dalat, Vietnam.

Photo Source: Mimoa

10. Palaise Bulles

Pierre Cardin’s residence in the early eighties, this bubble house is located in Cannes, France.


11. Rotating Tower

Also situated in Dubai, Rotating Tower rotates around a central axis, each floor twirling separately and giving new views at each turn.


12. Redwoods Treehouse

A restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, these onion shaped structures hang from trees.

Photo Source: Barfan

13. The Crooked House

The Crooked House is a shopping centre in Sopot, Poland. This building has peculiar outer and inner walls.

Photo Source: Akademi Fantasia

14. Solar Ark

A Japanese museum and lab, the whole building is covered by solar panels. It is owned by Panasonic Corporation.

Photo Source: Open Buildings

15. Capital Gate

This dazzling leaning tower is located in Abu Dhabi.

Photo Source: Visit Abu Dhabi

16. The Seven-story Treehouse

This beautiful Treehouse is in Traver, California. It has a bar and a cafe.

Photo Source: Visalia

17. Cybertecture Egg Office

This delicious egg has 13 floors and is located in Mumbai, India.


18. Turning Torso Building

You will find this swirling skyscraper in Malmo, Sweden. This is luxurious residential apartments, containing a few offices as well.

Photo Source: Tourist Link

19. The Ryugyong Hotel

Situated in North Korea, this futuristic looking hotel is aged more than a quarter-century and is still incomplete.

Photo Source: Open Buildings

20. The Ericsson Kista Building

With glass resembling a crack in the middle, this colorful building is the headquarters of Ericsson Telecommunications in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo Source: Pinterest

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey of unique architecture from around the globe. Stay well and be creative!

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