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Department of Biology

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society – Upsilon Eta Chapter

President: Rachel Lent
Vice President of Academics: Maddie Pamfilis
Vice President of Social Affairs: Harpal Baines
Secretary: Jeffrey Harloe
Public Relations Coordinator: Vas Hangemanole
Webmaster: Jennie Howell
Historian: Sarah Wolfe
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Hemm
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Department of Chemistry

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)

President: Olivia Driessen
Vice President: Neechi Okwor
Secretary: Miriam Bregman
Treasurer: Priyansh Gujarati
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Keith Reber

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

iTECH Club

President: Daniella Rakhamimov
Vice-President: Clarence Alobwede
Co-Secretary: Zakiya Talley
Co-Secretary: Arianna Gallamoza
Web Developer: Golda Friedman
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Cheryl Brown

Software Engineering Club

Co-President: Dorian Brim
Co-President: Emily Vogel 
Committee Chair: Ralph Pisciotta
Committee Chair: Oluwatoni Ogundeyi
Social Media Manager: Paige Zaleppa 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Josh Dehlinger

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

President: Justine Caylor
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joyram Chakraborty

Department of Mathematics

Actuarial Science & Risk Management Club

President: Cole Evans
Vice-President: Bailey Vanburen
Secretary: Justin Saing
Fundraising: Dave Szalecki, Zachary Lynchard, Amy Potochney and Austin Raymond 
Community Service: Katie Sacco, John Morrow and Robert Dean
Public Relations: Wayna Fordyce, Adam Kimball, Grace Larocque and Yewande Eniola
Job Fair: Cole Evans and Bailey Vanburen
Leader for Exam P and Exam FM Study Group: Wayna Fordyce and Katie Sacco
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Min Deng

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Mathematics Club

President: Tyree Adams
Vice President: Zachary Sakowski
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lindsey-Kay Lauderdale and Dr. Nathan McNew

Mathematics Education Club

President: Robert Nedwick
Vice President: Elliot Rittenhouse
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Diana Cheng, Dr. Kimberly Corum and Ms. Emily Morsberger 

Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences

Geosciences Club

President: Kathleen Hohweiler
Vice-President: vacant
Treasurer: vacant
Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator: vacant
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Casey

Society of Physics Students/SPS

President: vacant
Vice President: Katie Shaw
Secretary: Richard Seabrese
Social Media Coordinator: Adrian Campbell
Co-Advisor: Dr. Parviz Ghavamian
Co-Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Simpson
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Interdisciplinary Clubs

Pre-Pharmacy Club

President: Wambui Njoroge
Vice President: Maureen Onyebuchukwu
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: vacant
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ana-Maria Soto
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Pre-Veterinary Club

President: Sofia Pramagioulis
Vice President: Daniela Vibriesca
Secretary: Jalea Stevens
Treasurer: Shayla DeShields
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Christa Partain

Student Environmental Organization

President: Thomas Potter
Vice President: Jake Goodman
Faculty Advisor: Dr .Christopher Salice

Towson University Chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

President: Maria Puglese
Vice President: Andrew Maddox
Secretary: Amy Tien
Treasurer: Ashish Singh 
Fundraising Coordinator: Anoosh Rehman
Media Director: Sheherbano Hussaini
Programming Director: Olivia Konen
Recruiting Director and ASBMB Liaison: Jumoke Gbadebo
Volunteer Coordinator: Maria Puglese
Faculty Advisor: Dr. John E. Weldon
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Women in Science Club

President: Jessica Jenkins
Vice President: Emily Johnson
Secretary/Treasurer:  Dejah Howard
Outreach Committee Chair:  Hailee Peters
Webmaster/Creative Committee Chair: Ciara Griffith
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Beth Kautzman and Dr. Peko Tsuji

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