Steve Pavlina’s Polyphasic Sleep Logs and Results

Steve Pavlina’s Polyphasic Sleep Logs and Results

One of our favorite blogger, Steve, has completed his full 30 days of using polyphasic sleep. Inspired by our post on polyphasic sleep, he has started his polyphasic sleep journey since October. He has experienced his physical adjustment on the first week, mental adjustment on the second and third week, and now he feels highly energetic, high endurance, and gained productivity. Some interesting notes in his final update on polyphasic:

Flexibility. Polyphasic sleep has been a lot more flexible than I first imagined. The naps can be easily adjusted to fit certain scheduling issues, and I’ve had no trouble pushing the time between naps to 6–7 hours when necessary. For some people with inflexible work situations, that may not be enough. But if I had a job that prevented me from sleeping polyphasically, I’d sooner quit the job than give up polyphasic sleep, since the job would be stealing too many hours of my time if it forced me to return to monophasic sleep. And those hours would simply be lost to hibernation.

Productivity. I’ve been delighted by the productivity boost this extra time has given me. I’ve added much more content to the site this month than in previous months, and traffic and ad revenue are higher than ever. In fact, I’ve been getting complaints that I’m outpacing people’s ability to keep up, which I can certainly understand. I’ll be funneling some of this extra time into other tasks and projects. It’s funny to think that conducting a polyphasic sleep experiment is actually part of my “work,” but for me this is a perfectly suitable work task given how I define my career. Can you imagine your boss adding “Conduct a 30–day trial of polyphasic sleep, and analyze its effects on productivity” to your to-do list?

And here are his whole collection of logs:

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Congratulations to Steve!

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