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Dr. Mary Stapleton, Director

Dr. Stapleton serves as the Director of Towson University’s Center for STEM Excellence.
Dr. Stapleton received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of
Illinois, a M.S. in biology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Ph.D. from
Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her graduate work in molecular ecology focused
on genetic incompatibility in the context of avian mating behavior. Prior to joining
USM in 2007, Dr. Stapleton worked as the Director of Education and Workforce programs
at MdBio. While at MdBio, Dr. Stapleton managed the MdBioLab, a mobile bioscience
laboratory for high schools. She also worked with academic and industry organizations
to ensure students are receiving relevant training to prepare them for their entry
into the bioscience workforce. At Towson University, Dr. Stapleton and her team work
to engage, excite and educate students about science. She also works closely with
Maryland science teachers, exploring ways to incorporate leaner-centered pedagogy
into classroom practice. She enjoys being able to combine her passion for teaching
and her scientific skills to excite and educate students about the world around them.


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