Staff Technology Resources for Remote Working

Access TU email and calendar

Outlook for the web 

Office 365 Self-Help webpage Access Office 365 suite (TU email, Word, Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint, OneDrive)
Office 365


Office 365 Self-Help webpage
Work as if at your TU Desktop (including email and your drives). *You can remote in from a Mac or PC to your TU PC, but not into a TU Mac. If remoting into an office Mac, use Office 365 to access your email and drives. Remote Desktop Self-Help from Mac (PDF), Self-Help from PC (PDF) and video.

Reset or change an expired password before leaving your office

NetID Tools Self-Help (PDF) Change your password remotely while working on a TU computer NetID Tools Follow directions on the webpage Store non-confidential files and share documents OneDrive (Office 365) Office 365 Self-Help webpage Store confidential data Your existing Secureshare Available through Remote Desktop Access online university items like network shares such as DeptShare, JumboShare,
CustomShare, O: and H: drives, etc.  Virtual Private Network Self-Help Mac (PDF)Self-Help PC (PDF)

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