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Remarks from student, alumni and guest speakers make each academic college ceremony
a unique and personalized experience for degree candidates and guests. 

Nancy Schlichting is 2021 University Commencement Speaker

Leading health care executive will deliver remarks during the College of Health Professions
Commencement ceremony May 17.

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University Commencement Speaker

Every May, one Commencement ceremony will feature a prominent Commencement speaker
from outside of the university community. The ceremony with this notable speaker is
designated as the University Commencement. Although one ceremony will carry this designation,
all ceremonies are equally significant. While the University Commencement ceremony
can only accommodate graduates and guests of the academic college hosting the ceremony,
the University Commencement as with all other ceremonies will be live-streamed from
the Commencement homepage on the day of the ceremony.

Alumni Speakers

It is a university tradition for an exemplary alumnus to deliver greetings and reflective
remarks to degree candidates at each academic college’s ceremony. This tradition symbolizes
the important connection between Towson University and its community of over 165,000

Honorary Degree Recipients

Honorary degrees recognize those who have made profound and enduring contributions
to scholarship, culture, and improved quality of life in society at large. Achievements
of national or international significance receive the strongest consideration by the
TU Honorary Degree Committee. It is important that recipients be persons of great
integrity, as the choices we make reflect our values as an institution.

Student Speakers 

In recognition of the student experience and excellence demonstrated by the entire
class, it is the university’s tradition to invite individual degree candidates to give
remarks during each ceremony.  Student speakers join a long list of outstanding graduates
who have shared their personal journey, perspective and vision for the future at Commencement.

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Selection of speakers is made by each academic college and is based upon the extent to which their achievement represents sustained efforts
over the course of their academic careers and is an exceptional model for Towson University

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/academics/commencement/ceremony/speakers.html

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