Sleep Like a Baby – Use Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds

Sleep Like a Baby – Use Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds

Do you have sleeping problems? Are you suffering from insomnia? Or simply having a difficult time falling asleep? If you said yes to one or two of the questions above, you are in luck today. I can sense my gut sending me a strong message about you having a solution to your sleep problems.

And the solution is… tah-duh! Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds, an amazing collection of soothing sound programs, 16 of them. They will surely help you get good ZZZzz’s every night. Brookstone, yes that famous retail chain, have digitally mastered these sound programs to help you relax, get a peaceful sleep, and wake up rejuvenated to face another day.

The sounds we’re talking about here are in the delta, alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. They only occur during sleep or when you’re relaxed. Here’s the secret, when you play these sounds, you trick your brain to believe you’re asleep or relaxing. When this happens, your brain follows suit and will automatically take a siesta.

This product also works the other way. It will wake you up, ever so gently, by playing nature sounds or the softest of bell chimes. What’s more, it has a gradual on/off system plus volume settings and auto-shutoff.


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