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~Background of the show~

Shameless follows the lives of the Gallagher family.
Fiona Gallagher is the oldest of 6 siblings and is responsbile for taking care
of the family. The mother, Monica Gallagher is in and out of the children’s
lives, while their father, Frank Gallagher is an alcoholic/junkie con artist.
Each episode follows Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam as they get into
one crazy situation after another.


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playing at Fiona’s night club.

~Cast members~

Characters Cast Member
Frank Gallagher
William Macy
Fiona Gallagher Emmy Rossum
Phillip (Lip) Gallagher Jeremy Allen White
Ian Gallagher Cameron Monaghan
Debbie Gallagher Emma Kenney
Carl Gallagher Ethan Cutkosky
Liam Gallagher Brenden Sims
Veronica Fisher Shanola Hampton
Kevin Ball Steve Howey
Steve Justin Chatwin
Karen Jackson Laura Wiggins
Sheila Jackson Joan Cusack


Season 1: Released January 9, 2011  
/   12 Episodes   /   Season 1 focuses on the
Gallagher family as they navigate their daily lives in the South side of
Chicago. Fiona struggles financially to take care of the entire family, while
also beginning a new romance with the mysterious Steve. Lip discovers that Ian
is gay and tries to “change” him into become straight, before ultimately
accepting Ian for who he is. 


Season 2: Released January 8, 2012  
/   12 Episodes   /   Season 2 begins with Fiona
starting a new job as a bartender. Frank loses Liam in a bet. Franks mother,
Grandma Gallagher is released from prison and comes to stay with the gamily.
Karen finds out that she’s pregnant.



Season 3: Released January 13, 2013  
/   12 Episodes   /   Season 3 faces new struggles
between Fiona and Steve/Jimmy. Frank convinces Carl that he has cancer in order
to scam a charity. Steve/Jimmy leaves once again and Fiona strikes up a romance
with her boss.



Season 4: Released January 12, 2014  
/   12 Episodes   /   Season 4 starts with Lip
attending MIT on a full scholarship. The Gallaghers learn that Frank has another
daughter who is in her thirties. Fiona spirals out of control as she
continuously meets her boyfriends brother in a secret affair. The Gallaghers
face a trying time when Liam accidently overdoses on Cocaine.



Season 5: Released January 11, 2015  
/   12 Episodes   /   In season 5 the South Side
is beginning to face gentrification as realtors enter the neighborhood and begin
buying homes and businesses. Fiona marries Gus after knowing him for a week. Ian
has psychotic break and takes Mickey and Svetlana’s baby to Florida.



Season 6: Released January 10, 2016  
/   12 Episodes   /   Season 6 Fiona gets promoted
at work, Frank struggles to cope with the loss of Bianca. Both Fiona and Debbie
find out that they’re pregnant. Frank crashes Fiona’s wedding to Sean and
reveals life altering information regarding Sean’s sobriety.



Season 7: Released October 2, 2016  
/   12 Episodes   /   Season 7 Opens with Fiona
coping after the cancellation of her wedding to Sean. Debbie struggles with
being a single teenage mother. Veronica, Kevin, and Svetlana struggle with their
complicated relationship. Lip is determined to keep his sobreity. Carl decides
to enroll in military school. 


Season 8: Release set for 2017  
/   12 Episodes


~Why I like the show~

Shameless follows each member of the Gallagher family and
some of their neighbors in the South Side as they try to function in their daily
lives. The relationships between the characters are dynamic and grow/change as
the characters develop from adolescence to adulthood. Shameless is able to
intertwine comedy and drama together in a way that makes it impossible to change
the channel. If you enjoy commedy and watching realistic/relateable characters
then Shameless is for you!



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