Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Calendar: What’s In Season

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables can have so many benefits for your health, your pocket, and even the environment.

This infographic from Britannia Living takes a look at what fruits and vegetables are in season in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Eating seasonally can have a positive effect on your mind and body. Food that is in season is more likely to be fresher and consuming foods closer to harvesting can be higher in nutritional value. When foods are stored for a longer time, their vitamins and anti-oxidants can also decline.

There also other benefits to eating seasonally. Fruit and vegetables that are in season will need less transportation, therefore helping the environment, and will also be cheaper to purchase – helping your wallet out too.

Next time you think about the dishes you can cook, think about when ingredients are their freshest and which will taste better.

Why not stick this on your kitchen wall, bring it shopping with you, or use it to help plan a seasonal dinner party?


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