Ryan Murray | Towson University

Associate Professor & Associate Chairperson


University of Illinois at Chicago (MFA)
Carnegie Mellon University (BFA)

Areas of Expertise

Video art, experimental video, internet video, media production and post-production,
virtual reality, interdisciplinary art, creativity


Ryan Murray creates conceptually-driven artwork that combines video, virtual reality,
found object sculpture, painting, and music. His work complicates our experience with media and looks critically at the way it imposes meaning
in our lives. Murray 
addresses the search for moments of meaning by turning pop-culture media/technology on itself and transforming everyday objects or experiences into subtle psychedelia.

Murray’s artwork has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, screening
tours, and film festivals. Recent festivals include New York Film Festival: Convergence,
360 Film Festival, Antimatter [Media Art] Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival,
the Festival of (In)Appropriation, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, and the Bolton
International Film Festival. Recent exhibits include CICA Museum in South Korea, the
Delaware Contemporary, Work: Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan, and Hood College.
He was the recipient of a 2016 Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award
for Digital Media.

Ryan Murray joined the faculty at Towson University’s Electronic Media and Film Department
in 2009. He is a three-time winner of Towson’s Innovation in Teaching Award and he
received the 2021 Teaching Award for Senior Faculty from the University Film and Video
Association. He is currently serving as Towson’s 2020-22 FACET Fellow in Emerging
Technology. Ryan Murray teaches courses on the subjects of experimental film and video
art, viral video, video editing, virtual reality/immersive media, and creativity. 

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View more information: https://www.towson.edu/cofac/departments/mediafilm/facultystaff/rmurray.html

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