Robert Rook | Towson University

Professor, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies


Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1996

Areas of Expertise

History of the U.S., Middle East, and Indian Ocean Basin in the 20th century; environmental
history, diplomatic & military history, history education


Robert Rook earned his in PhD in History at Kansas State University in 1996 for his
dissertation, “Blueprints and Prophets: U.S. Water Resource Planning for the Jordan
River Valley, 1860-1970.” Dr. Rook’s research focuses on the history of the Middle
East and Indian Ocean Basin in the 20th century, particularly diplomatic and military
history and environmental history. His current project examines the memorialization
and commemoration of war in the Arab world. Dr. Rook has been a participant in the
U.S. Navy’s Regional Security Education Program (RSEP) since 2007.

Selected Publications

“Mirrors, Mutuality, and Opportunities to Learn: The Teaching American History Program,
Assessment, and Faculty,” in The Teaching American History Project: Lessons for History
Educators and Historians (2009).

 FALL 2021
HIST 331 American Military History: 1898-1945
HIST 370 Diplomatic History of the United States Since 1900

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