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Currently, the Reading Placement Test is administered by the Tutoring and Learning
Center for students referred by our TU Admissions Office.

Who must take the reading placement test? 

Currently, students referred by the TU Admissions Office.

The reading placement test is part of a suite of testing products commonly referred
to as ACCUPLACER® tests. These tests were developed by the College Board to help colleges
and universities accurately assess student skill levels. 

What is REED 102?

REED 102 (Academic Literacy) is a college-level proficiency course (not a writing intensive
course like English 102) designed to help students become more efficient and effective
in reading intensive courses. All TU students must complete English 102 regardless of placement in or out of REED 102.  

How do I schedule my reading placement test?

After referral from the Admissions Office, follow the directions for requesting remote
testing. See Remote Testing for more details. 

What is remote testing?

Students may complete placement testing at their home or near their home at any college
willing to administer the Towson University ACCUPLACER® reading placement test (NEXT
GEN).  See Remote Testing for more details.  

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