Pouring Ketchup Technique

Pouring Ketchup Technique

Okay, I just like how Internet has varies topic for life – including a how-to guide on pouring ketchup (or tomato sauce)! Robert Allgeyer shows what are the right and wrong ways of pouring the ketchup – guess what? The traditional, holding the bottle upside down, and tapping the bottom is not the most effective way to pour the ketchup. The most effective way is to hold it side way and tap at the lower of the neck:

… Merely holding the bottle in the correct position is not very effective. It is necessary to “increase the weight” of the ketchup by applying some G-force. This can be done by making a fist, and tapping the bottle downwards against the fist, to bring the bottle to an abrupt halt. Don’t hurt yourself! If your hands are delicate, you may try some other method of applying an abrupt stop to the bottle, provided that the stop is not rigid or fragile, and that you mind where the ketchup is going to emerge. Striking the bottle at the upper side of the neck is much less effective, since it applies the G-force in the wrong direction…

Pouring Ketchup – The full technical explanation – [Icogitate]

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View more information: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/pouring-ketchup-technique.html

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