Pizza Styles Sold in Perry Hall

With pizza being one of the most eaten foods across the world, there are hundreds of different kinds of pizza. Here are some of the most famous and popular ones in the United States and in Perry Hall.

California Style  A mix of California toppings and ingredients (fruits, veggies, and chicken), mixed with a New York Style or thin crust. This style is often synonymous with gourmet pizza. This style was invented in 1980 and made popular in the restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen.  
Chicago Style  The true Chicago deep dish style is made with cheese as the bottom layer, toppings in the middle, and the sauce on top with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of the sauce. The pizza crust is also deep dish, made in a round pan and creating a more pie-like resemblance. Chicago-Style is one of the two most famous styles across the United States. 
Hawaiian Pizza  This style pizza is created by the toppings (pineapple and ham). It was actually created in 1962 in Ontario, Canada. Though popular, Hawaiian pizza is also despised by many true pizza conservatives who think pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.
New York-Style  Perhaps the most famous and popular pizza style across the United States. This style was the first sold in the United States’ first pizzeria, Lombardi’s in New York. This pizza is characterized by a thin crust and is the most commonly sold pizza along the northeast part of the United States. 
Crab Pizza  Not a famous style of pizza, but it is a Maryland special. A New York style pizza topped with crab meat and old bay, you can find this pizza at some places in the Perry Hall area such as DeSantis or Slice on the Avenue. 

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