Patrick Rochon

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Born in Montreal, Canada.

Rochon started photography in 1985, then graduating from college in photography in 1991. In 1992, he discovered light painting, which was a photography effect back then, not a form of art.

Medium is LIGHT (moving lights) through various media. He mainly uses photography and video to capture the movement created with lights.

Rochon started light-painting, the combination of light and photography using long exposure setting in the dark, in 1992.

Collaborating with dancers in Japan, fashion magazines, movie-makers, hair salons, musicians and skin care products companies.


Red Bull, Blend 285, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Infiniti Motors, Chevrolet.

I’ve done portraits of actresses, TV personalities, doctors and other clients looking for art to enhance their living spaces.

WIRED, Peta Pixel, Laughing Squid, This is Colossal, DAZED, Iso1200, Trend Hunter, Photogy, NOTCOT, UFUNK, FStopper, POP PHOTO MAG, The Phoblograper, Huffington Post, Get Addicted To, My Modern Met, The Cool List and GIZMODO.

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