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One of the smaller games that isn’t talked about it NBA Jam. This game has a more arcade feel compared to NBA Live and 2k. NBA Jam isn’t currently available on the next gen systems like PS4 and Xbox One but it is still available on IOS and Android devices, as well as PS3’s and Xbox 360’s. This game is a spin-off of the classic arcade game and the newer version has added a few different features but still revolves around crazy dunks and commentary. In total the newer version added five different features.

Another key addition for this game is the online feature, which allows users to play online. This feature wasn’t available during the old arcade version. One big feature added to this version is the bosses mode. This feature allows users to go through a gauntlet taking on some of the NBA’s all-time greats one on one to see how far you can get. This game will appeal to users who enjoy a more laid back type of game, where NBA Live and 2k both play like more of a real game.

Another benefit of this game is that now a days it is specialized towards a mobile game. Live and 2k both have mobile games but most people enjoy playing that on an actual system while NBA Jam is only made for mobile devices now. Again this game appeals most for users who want a sense of nostalgia and laid back game style that 2k and Live simply don’t offer with their games.

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