Organising and Managing your DVD collection

Organising and Managing your DVD collection

Over at Flipping Heck!, Katy has posted her idea on how to organise her DVD collection. She went through her system on storage, and ways on storing the tracking information. A good tip that I found is should you be sorting the DVD by genre or alphabetically:

… The main thing thing to consider when deciding on how you’re going to organise your collection is how it will be stored. If you’re putting them in boxes then it may be better to organise by Genre rather than Alphabetically, if you’re using slotted shelves then sorting Alphabetically could be a pain as you’d have to move each DVD down a notch if you buy a new one starting with “A”.

Once you have decided on the storage, it’s time to move on to top-level categorisation, then once you’ve chosen your categorisation method, are you then going to order by a sub-category (which could be any of the examples above)?

What if DVDs are stored in multiple locations? Then it may be better to have no organising as such on the DVDs themselves but rather a list of locations and approximate order the DVDs are in…

Organising and Managing your DVD collection – [Flipping Heck!]

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