Online Lean Six Sigma Program

Green Belt

This course will teach you Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects from start
to finish. Green Belts can deliver measurable, sustainable improvement by finding
the root causes of problems and streamlining processes. The course was developed to
meet today’s changing business environments and is facilitated by highly experienced
and successful Lean Six Sigma Experts. It draws on what the experts practice every
day in the field to provide you with the most effective way to learn and implement
Lean Six Sigma.

Upon completion of this course and the required project, you will be prepared for
the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam. The registration fee for this exam
is included with the course.

What you will learn

  • Learn what Lean Six Sigma is, its origins, and its benefits
  • Understand the Lean Six Sigma roles and 8 Wastes
  • Master the Lean Six Sigma Improvement method known as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze,
    Improve and Control)
  • Learn how to collect data and track the success of projects

How you will benefit

  • Be able to streamline projects from start to finish by using Lean Six Sigma
  • Help potential employers by identifying problems in processes and offering sustainable
  • Become fully prepared to take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam
  • Create added efficiency in any workplace, which is enticing to prospective employers
    and clients

Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belts streamline organizational processes through strategic improvement
projects. These highly skilled professionals will lead and mentor a team of Green
Belts to complete projects that deliver sustainable results.

This online Six Sigma training course will help you prepare for the Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt certification exam. You will be enabled to transform your organization
by reducing costs, increasing revenue, and improving collaboration. You will learn
how to manage multiple projects and ensure their alignment meets organizational goals.

Upon completion of this course and the required project, you will be prepared for
the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam. The fee for this exam is included
with the course.

What you will learn

  • Describe the ways that Black Belt Training enhances the Green Belt body of knowledge
  • Define the process used to select an appropriate Black Belt Project
  • List and define the influence and facilitation skills that help Black Belts improve
    their leadership capabilities
  • Describe how to coach Green Belts and other Lean Six Sigma practitioners through each
    Phase of DMAIC
  • List the steps involved in testing the measurement system, sampling the data, and
    assessing process capability
  • Describe the steps involved in conducting hypothesis tests to assess theories of root
  • Identify which type of tests are appropriate for any given data set
  • Describe the steps involved and the different uses for Design of Experiments
  • Identify which type of control charts are appropriate for any given data set
  • Describe how and why to apply visual management to an improved process
  • Describe how to construct an effective project storyboard

How you will benefit

  • Prepare yourself for a career as an engineering manager, product manager, operations
    manager, production manager, or quality manager
  • Learn how to create happier customers, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve
    collaboration at your place of employment
  • Increase your efficiency at your job by learning to manage multiple projects at once
  • Receive a voucher to take your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam

Module 1. Introduction to Green Belt Training

  • Overview of Lean Six Sigma
  • The 8 Wastes (DOWNTIME)
  • Lean Six Sigma Roles
  • Project Selection
  • DMAIC Overview

Module 2. Define Phase: How to define the problem

  • Create The Project Charter (Tool)
  • Understand The Current State
  • Develop Project Communication

Module 3. Measure Phase: How to measure the current process

  • Select Measures
  • Plan For Data Collection
  • Collect Baseline Data

Module 4. Analyze Phase: How to identify the cause of the problem

  • Conduct Process Analysis
  • Conduct Data Analysis
  • Brainstorm Root Causes
  • Develop Root Cause Hypothesis
  • Validate Root Cause Hypothesis

Module 5. Improve Phase: How to implement and verify the solution

  • Craft Solutions
  • Filter Solutions
  • Determine Solution Approach
  • Conduct Risk Management

Module 6. Control Phase: How to maintain the solution

  • Create Monitoring Plans
  • Develop Response Plans
  • Document the Project
  • Pursue Perfection

Download Course Outline (PDF)

Module 1. Introduction to Black Belt Training

  • Overview of Black Belt Training
  • Project Selection – Advanced
  • Build Leadership Skills

Module 2. Define Phase

  • Conduct Process Walks
  • Strengthen Leadership Skills
  • About Your Black Belt Project

Module 3. Measure Phase

  • Lay Statistical Groundwork
  • Test your Measurement System
  • Sample the Data
  • Assess Process Capability
  • Strengthen Leadership Skills

Module 4. Analyze Phase

  • Lay Hypothesis Testing Groundwork
  • Test Discrete Data
  • Test Continuous Normal Data
  • Test Continuous Non-Normal Data
  • Test Correlation
  • Strengthen Leadership Skills
  • About Your Black Belt Project

Module 5. Improve Phase

  • Design Experiments
  • Strengthen Leadership Skills
  • About Your Black Belt Project

Module 6. Control Phase

  • Select Control Charts
  • Create Visual Management
  • Strengthen Leadership Skills
  • About Your Black Belt Project

Download Course Outline (PDF)

Green Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification requires you to complete a real-world
project and successfully complete an exam. It is highly recommended that the project
be completed at your place of employment. Projects are subject to approval by Master
Black Belt Coaches. NOTE: If you are currently unemployed and want to take this course, you must be prepared
to successfully complete the real-world project through another organization, such
as a small business or non-profit to identify a mutually beneficial project.

Black Belt


To be successful in this course, it is strongly recommended that you complete your
Black Belt project at your current place of employment. Black Belt-level process improvement
projects require significant real-time data, which is easier to obtain when you are
presently employed. Projects must also be based on an actual business and are subject
to approval by a Master Black Belt. Examples include:

  • Manufacturing Floor: Reduced manufacturing product defects
  • Human Resources Department: Reduced recruitment cycle time
  • Accounting Department: Reduced accounts payable invoice processing costs

If you are currently unemployed, you should instead take a Green Belt level certification
course like Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.


You must be a Green Belt to take the Black Belt certification exam. In order to take
the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course, you will be required to provide
an approved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Certification certificate or test out
of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. You can bypass testing out if you present
a qualifying Green Belt Certificate which is:

  • Issued by a regionally accredited higher education institution.
  • ASQ Issued for a Green Belt course that covers both Lean and Six Sigma concepts and
    tools (not only Lean, or only Six Sigma).

The qualifying process for your Green Belt Certificate:

  • The Certificate must be scanned and emailed to the student’s Student Advisor.
  • The Certificate will be reviewed to determine if it is acceptable to take the place
    of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • If the certificate is not acceptable, you will be required to register for the full
    Lean Six Green Belt Training Certification or test out by completing the Lean Green
    Belt Exam.

Hardware Requirements

  • This course can be taken on either a PC or Mac.

Software Requirements

  • PC: Windows XP or later.
  • Mac: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later.
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are preferred. Microsoft
    Edge and Safari are also compatible.
  • Microsoft Word (not included in enrollment).
  • Windows Media Player.
  • Adobe Flash Player. Download the Flash Player.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the Acrobat Reader.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.

Instructional Material Requirements

  • The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and
    will be available online.


  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

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