Office 365 (O365) Web Apps

Current TU students, faculty and staff get online storage through OneDrive, and the
full suite of Microsoft Office applications – including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
– at no cost. Through Office 365 (online), documents can be accessed from any device
with an Internet connection. 

Students: you must be enrolled for the current or next semester to access Office 365. You will
not be able to access after graduation, even with a valid NetID.

Microsoft at TU

What’s the difference?

Desktops: Open Microsoft Office on TU Windows computers, Microsoft Office 2019 on TU Macs. Online: Use a browser on any device to access Office 365.

See the Microsoft Office Version Comparison chart (PDF). 

How to access

An active TU NetID is required, and you may have to perform Duo Multi-Factor Authentication when accessing Office 365 services.

Self-Help Resources

Office 365


Excel is a spreadsheet software program, and a powerful documentation, data visualization
and analysis tool.


Create a form or quiz with questions, define settings, share your form, and check
the results. If you are collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or need
a form for the University website, see Requesting Electronic Forms. 


Track information and organize work. Create a list from scratch, from Excel, from
an existing list, or from a template.


This cloud service stores and protects files and allows you to share them from anywhere
on any device.



Outlook on the Web is TU’s email service for faculty and staff. Send and receive email
messages, manage calendars, store contact names and numbers and track tasks.


SharePoint serves as a single source for storing, viewing, and updating documents
within an organization while providing additional features such as a calendar, task
list, announcements and more. 

For more help, visit Microsoft’s searchable Sharepoint Online Help & Learning resources.


Word is a text processing and visual document creation tool that allows for collaboration,
sharing and editing. 


Access Microsoft’s searchable help articles. If you have trouble logging in with your NetID, contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center or Student Computing Services.


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