Notes on Getting Things Done: the Roadmap Seminar

Notes on Getting Things Done: the Roadmap Seminar

There are several people who have attended Getting Things Done: The Roadmap seminar and wrote some great posts about it.

1. Terrie from O’Reilly has written a short and neat summary on concepts and/or off-the-cuff quotes from Allen. Several highlights:

  • “You’ll give as much bandwidth to buying a quart of milk as you will to buying a company. The mind is a good servant but a terrible master.”
  • If you decide you need to clean your garage, but you put it off for six years, there’s a part of your mind that thinks you should have been cleaning your garage 24/7 for six years. If you can park that on a list, it will get out of your “psychic RAM” – your brain can let go of it and more of its resources are available to work on other things.
  • When you have an inbox, if you put reference material into it, you’ll get numb to the inbox. File the reference material, get it out of “in”.
  • The system needs care and feeding to sustain. If the lists aren’t complete, they aren’t really worth it; your brain won’t trust them.
  • It might be useful to keep a list of completed projects, but don’t bother with a list of completed next actions. It’s not worth it.
  • Repetitive involvement. “Fake it till you make it.” — acting as-if is a powerful tool for getting there.

2. Followed on Terrie’s link track – Buzz Bruggeman, the guy behind ActiveWords software, has also written a notes for the seminar. Buzz’s post however is more full-on. If you dig into details this notes are for you:

… To manage what has your attention, you must, know what has your attention, then you have to “Un-make your agreements…”

When you know how many agreements you have made, you will make fewer agreements!

Unmake your agreements,

Keep your agreements, or

A renegotiated agreement is not a broken agreement! (you need to know what you are not doing….)

Your system can remember better than your brain! …

Getting Things Done: the Roadmap – [Terrie at O’Reilly]
GTD…the Road Map…San Jose – [Buzz Bruggeman]

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