Mona Mohamed | Towson University

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Analytics and Technology Management,
D.Sc. Information Technology ’17 

After earning a law degree in her native Sudan and a graduate degree in anthropology
in the United States, Mona A. Mohamed fell in love with computers, particularly human-computer
interaction and e-commerce.

“If today’s students enter the workplace without a knowledge of e-business, they are
lacking critical skills and experience,” says Mohamed, who teaches Principals of e-Business
and Problem Solving for Business within the Department of Business Analytics & Technology Management. “No business today can be successful and attract more customers without an e-commerce

Mohamed’s research follows a different path: extracting knowledge from open government
data (OGD) by introducing various knowledge management principles in the OGD lifecycle.
Her doctoral research focuses on human-computer interaction and the effect of culture
in usability and security, the topic of her recent paper published in the “Journal
of Behavior and Information Technology Research.”

If today’s students enter the workplace without a knowledge of e-business, they are
lacking critical skills and experience.

Mona A. Mohamed

“How users with different backgrounds, cultures and knowledge levels interact with
computers affects how interfaces and systems are designed,” explains Mohamed. “We
want to protect the integrity of the system, but need a system that is easy for users
to access.”

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Another paper published in the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, discusses how cloud computing reduces waste and promotes collaboration among organizations.
“It really provides a highly efficient structure for good computing,” says Mohamed.

“I am sharing my knowledge with students, but I am learning at the same time,” claims
Mohamed about her unique teaching and learning experience. “We want to give students
the skills and tools they need to be successful in their organizations and in the
e-commerce environment.”

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