Men vs Women: Who Drives Better?

Men vs Women: Who Drives Better?

There’s an ongoing debate regarding who’s the better driver when it comes to men and women. It’s only natural for each gender to think that they’re the better driver, but what’s the real deal?

Golden Towing has decided to gather all the facts regarding the driving habits of both men and women. The infographic below answers the question, “who drives better?” Clearly, from the information listed, you’ll see that the answer to this question is women. That’s right, this infographic proves that women indeed drive better than men.

Women Are Better Drivers Infographic

You’ll see that women are less likely to cause accidents and they’re involved in less accidents than men. Plus, women even have it easier when it comes to insurance premiums – they pay less. This is not just great news for women, but also for those who have daughters since you’ll save some money.

So, after looking at all the facts, do you agree that women are better drivers then men, or do you disagree?

Women Drive Better, Did You Know? | Golden Towing

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