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Equipment for remote learning:

A laptop or desktop with reliable internet and a webcam. Even though the Coronavirus pandemic means we can’t have normal face-to-face class, we would like to build community within our class as much as possible. I want you to see my face and each other’s. It’s helpful when I’m attempting to hold a discussion if I can “read” your faces: confused? nodding in understanding? Etc. For these reasons, the expectation is that during our live online class meetings you have your webcam turned on. You are welcome to use a virtual background, as long as it’s not distracting. If for any reason, you believe you should be exempt from this expectation, please reach out to me ASAP. I’m happy to discuss the issue, and our meeting will be confidential.

Mode of Course Delivery

This class will employ a “flipped” instructional approach. As such, you will be assigned work to do BEFORE coming to class – typically watching videos. Class time will be spent working on problems and activities either in a group or individually. We hope this course organization will help you “learn by doing” and develop a strong understanding of MATH

Video Conference Platform for live, remote classes:

We will meet on Zoom, and the link for that meeting is found in our Blackboard Course. See “Zoom” folder on left side.
Please sign up for a Zoom account through Towson by following the steps here (depending on whether you already have an account or not).

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Administration of Exams and Quizzes:

For these assessments done synchronously, you will sign into Zoom from your phone, remain muted (mic off), keep speaker on and keep webcam on, and set your phone up to show your workspace (your paper, your hands, your laptop, at least some of your face.) Acceptable views are shown in the Tech Skills Assignment. During the assessment, you will address all questions to me via chat box or email.

Just as in face-to face classes, the teacher can monitor their students, and students can see others working around them during testing. Monitoring you as described is intended to let everyone know, especially those of you who do act with integrity and honesty, that I take Academic Integrity seriously, and seek to diminish others’ temptations to behave dishonestly, so that everyone is on a level playing field.

Students who complete an assessment without adhering to the process will receive a zero on the assessment. If for any reason, this requirement is a problem for you, you need to tell me about it now (within first 2 weeks of semester), so that we can discuss the situation and if necessary, come up with an alternate plan. If you are more comfortable, feel free to reach out to Assistant Chair of the Math Department, about this course requirement.

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