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Heath, M. K, (2017). The Cognitive Apprenticeship Model and backchanneling technology to support reflection
in early clinical experiences: A new practice for field-based courses in the Professional
Development Schools. School-University Partnerships: The Journal of the National Association of Professional
Development Schools, 10
(3), 16-29. 

Heath, M. K, (2017). Teacher-initiated one-to-one technology initiatives: How teacher self-efficacy
and beliefs help overcome barrier thresholds to implementation. Computers in the Schools, 34(1-2), 88-106.

Heath, M.K. (2017, March 9). 2017 School-University Partnerships Themed Issues.  Invited speaker presentation at the National Association of Professional Development
Schools (NAPDS), Washington, DC.

Heath, M.K. (2017, March 7). Teaching with one-to-one mobile technology: Using phenomenology to create a rich portrait
of teacher experience and beliefs. 
Presented at the 28th international conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Austin, TX.

Heath, M.K. (2016, December 1). Technology plus trust: One-to-one technology, teacher empowerment, and fostering student
agency in social studies
 Presented at the annual conference to the College and University Faculty Assembly
at the National Council for the Social Studies (CUFA and NCSS), Washington, DC.

Heath, M.K. (2017, April 30). Technology integration, beliefs, and pedagogical practices in middle school social
studies: A phenomenological case study.
  Presentation to Division K – Teaching and Teacher Education/Division K – Section 1: Teaching and Teacher
Education in the Content Areas at the annual meeting of the American Education Research
Association (AERA), San Antonio, TX.

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Heath, M.K. (2017, March 10). Field-based courses in the PDS: How technology and backchanneling support authentic
learning and clinical experience
. Presentation to the National Association of Professional Development Schools (NAPDS),
Washington, DC.


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