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Course Schedule

Note: Course schedule is subject to (and probably will) change.

January 31

> Course overview

> New Magazine Startup Guide

> Pop-Up Magazine Rethinks the Definition of Magazine Media

> Following Up With Pop-Up Magazine, From the Other Side of the Curtain

> A brief history of magazines (PPT)

> The magazine industry (PPT)

> Top U.S. Consumer Magazines

> The anatomy of a magazine (PPT)

> Magazine terminology (PPT)

> The Matter of Time

>Media Life Magazine coverage of the magazine industry (archive)

February 7
DUE: Read Hogarth Chapters 4, 6; Kobak sections 5, 6, 11, 15-17; Read this article on AARP the Magazine; post blog links online

Guest speaker: Meg Guroff, Features Editor, AARP The Magazine (media kit)

Print vs. digital magazines

> Print Magazines Are NOT Going the Way Vinyl Went
> Yoga Digest: A launch story

> The Story of the Latest Travel Magazine Launch

> Creating and Running a Profitable Online Magazine, Part I and Part II

February 14
DUE: Magazine Analysis #1; Read Hogarth Chapters 1-3; Kobak 18, 19, 27

Magazine Launch Plan: Editorial

Developing an idea; the importance of niche

> The Roadmap To Magazine Success As Told By Wired Magazine’s Editor In Chief

February 21
DUE: Preliminary pitches (5 minutes each)

Group work

February 28
DUE: Magazine Analysis #2

DUE: Questions for guest speakerKobak 26, 28, 29, 50, 51

Magazine Launch Plan: The business plan

Guest speaker: Jonathan Oleisky, President, Kalix Communications

> Magazine Execs Batten Down the Digital Hatches at AMMC

Learning from the New Yorker, Wired’s new paywall aims to build a more “stable financial future”

March 7

DUE: Personal job descriptions and task lists; Read Hogarth Chapter 8

Crafting a mission statement; Staffing; Planning editorial content; Recruiting writers and editors

> Your Brand Needs a Visual Style Guide: Here’s How to Create One

> 21 Brand Style Guide Examples for Visual Inspiration

> Millennials reveal the top 100 brands they love

> Branding template

Benchmarks: Drafts of mission statement and branding strategy

March 14
DUE: Questions for guest speaker; Magazine Analysis #3

Magazine Launch Plan: Marketing; Events

Guest speaker (via Skype): Katie Arcieri Perschy, Washington Business Journal
List of WBJ Events

> How Magazines Hit the Crowdfunding Jackpot on Kickstarter

> Who Funds Magazine Startups?

> Making Paid Content Work in Digital Media

> Mr. Magazine Interview with Traditional Home’s Publisher Beth McDonough

> Sample marketing plan

> Magazine launch strategies: getting your marketing right

> Marketing Plan Template: Exactly What To Include

Benchmarks: Draft of marketing plan

March 28

DUE: Kobak 34-39; Questions for guest speaker

Magazine Launch Plan: Advertising and Circulation

Guest speaker: John Stefancik, Publisher, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

> Circulation marketing strategies evolve

Benchmarks: Draft of advertising and circulation plans

April 4

DUE: Magazine Analysis #3; Read Hogarth Chapter 5; Kobak 20-25; 40-48; 59-65; Questions for guest speaker

DUE: Questions for guest speaker

Magazine Launch Plan: Digital strategy

Guest speaker: Ryan Reed, digital editor at Discovery Inc. (formerly Scripps Networks Interactive) where he contributes to the editorial strategy of, and Ryan has also worked at Smithsonian magazine and Garden and Gun.

> SELF’s Brand Forecast: Digital With A Chance Of Print

> 7 Questions for Ruthie Friedlander, InStyle’s Special Projects Director

Benchmarks: Draft of digital strategy

April 9

Last day to withdraw from class

April 11

Magazine Launch Plan: Design

> Magazine layout terminology

> Seventeen Magazine: A Brand That’s Helping Today’s Teens Effect Change In Our World

> Free Magazine InDesign Templates

Benchmarks: Magazine mockup

April 18

DUE: Read Hogarth Chapter 11

Magazine Launch Plan: Media kits

Benchmarks: Draft of media kit

April 25

Careers in the magazine field

Guest speakers:

Erika Huber, Editorial Fellow, Washingtonian magazine.

Krissy Elliott, California magazine.


DUE: First draft of Magazine Launch Plan; Questions for guest speaker

> Sample magazine business plan

Pitch rehearsal

May 9
DUE: Final draft of Magazine Launch Plan

Final pitch to judges (Judging sheet)

May 16
1- to 2-page report on your personal contributions to the group (due by 7:30 p.m. via email)

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