M. Paz Galupo | Towson University


Dr. Galupo’s research interests focus on understanding the intersection of sexual
orientation and gender identity as they are negotiated in the context of social and
personal relationships, with a particular focus on bisexual/plurisexual and transgender
experience. Dr. Galupo serves as the editor-in-chief for both the Journal of GLBT
Family Studies (2013-present) and the Journal of Bisexuality (2015-present).


Selected Publications

Galupo, M. P. (In Press, 2017). Plurisexual identity labels and the marking of bisexual desire.
In D. Joy Swan & Shani Habbibi (Eds). Bisexuality: Research, theoretical applications,
and recommendations for the invisible sexuality. Springer.

Boyer, C. R. * & Galupo, M. P.  (In Press, 2017). Transgender Friendship Profiles: Patterns across Gender Identity
and LGBT Affiliation. Gender Issues.

Galupo, M. P., Mitchell, R. C., & Davis, K. S. (Ahead of Print, 2017). Face validity ratings of sexual orientation scales by sexual minority adults: Effects
of sexual orientation and gender identity. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Pulice-Farrow, L.,* Brown, T.,** & Galupo, M. P. (Ahead of Print, 2017). Transgender microaggressions in the context of romantic relationships. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.

Galupo, M. P., Pulice-Farrow, L. K. *, & Ramirez, J. L.* (In Press, 2017). “Like a constantly flowing river”: Gender identity flexibility among non-binary transgender
individuals. In Sinnott, J. D. (Ed). Identity Flexibility During Adulthood: Perspectives in Adult
Development. Springer.

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Ramirez, J. L.*, Gonzalez, K. A., & Galupo, M. P. (Ahead of Print, 2017). “Invisible during my own crisis”: Responses of LGBT people of color to the Orlando
shooting. Journal of Homosexuality.

Mitchell, R.C., Bravo, A.*, & Galupo, M. P. (Ahead of Print, 2017). Sexual desire among an online sample of men sexually attracted to children. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Galupo, M. P. (Ahead of Print, 2017). Researching while cisgender: Identity considerations for transgender research. International Journal of Transgenderism.

Pulice-Farrow, L.,* Clements, Z. A.,** & Galupo, M. P. (2017).  Patterns of transgender microaggressions in friendship: The role of gender identity. Psychology & Sexuality, 8(3), 189-207.

Gonzalez, K. A., Ramirez, J. L.*, & Galupo, M. P. (2017). “I was and still am”: Narratives of bisexual marking in the #StillBisexual Campaign. Sexuality & Culture, 21(2), 493–515.

Galupo, M. P., Ramirez, J. L.*, & Pulice-Farrow, L. K. * (2017). “Regardless of their gender”: Descriptions of sexual identity among bisexual, pansexual,
and queer identified individuals. In Flanders, C. E. (Ed.) Special Issue, Journal of Bisexuality, 17(1), 108-124 .

Galupo, M. P., Lomash, E., * & Mitchell, R. C. * (2017). “All of my lovers fit into this scale: Sexual minority individuals’ responses to two
novel measures of sexual orientation. Journal of Homosexuality, 64(2), 145-165.

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