Lori Herring | Towson University

Senior Assistant Director 

Contact Information:
Email: transfer AT_TOWSON
Phone: 410-704-3229

I know all about being a commuter.
As a nontraditional student who commuted every day, I understand and appreciate the
differences between resident students and commuting students. At Towson, we embrace
our commuters and offer various programs and events to welcome them to our campus.

I enjoy working with transfer students.
As a transfer counselor and evaluator, I serve as a kind of bridge between community-college
transfers and the university. It’s a pleasure to be able to assist them in coming
to Towson to pursue their academic goals.

Here’s something you may not know about Towson.
Towson University offers four Dual Degree programs: Medicinal Chemistry (with University
of Maryland, School of Pharmacy); Physics and Engineering (with University of Maryland,
College Park and Pennsylvania State University); Pre-Law Program (with University
of Baltimore); and B.S. Biological Sciences/M.S. Aquaculture or Antarctic and Southern
Ocean Studies (with University of Tasmania).

My advice to anyone who is applying.
If you’re interested in financial aid and scholarships, it’s really important to apply
early and comply with all applicable deadlines.

My “warm and fuzzy” moment.
I have many of these, usually when I receive feedback via a card, in-person visit,
or a phone call from someone I’ve helped through the admissions transfer process.
It is always rewarding to know I’m helping students achieve their dreams.

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Why Choose Towson University?

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/admissions/undergrad/team/lherring.html

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