Lisa Simmons | Towson University

Lecturer, Business Communications

Following graduation from Towson University, Lisa Simmons began her career in accounting
at Baltimore-based T. Rowe Price, where she was invited to serve as an ambassador
for the company at campus recruiting events. The experience sparked her interest in
human resources and led her to pursue a master’s degree in the field.

As she assumed increasingly responsible positions in human resources, most recently
with Laureate International Universities in talent acquisition, she was invited to
lecture on mentoring, interviewing and dressing for success as part of Towson’s Professional
Experience Class. 

“I have a passion for Towson, and I am always eager to help students prepare for life
after college,” says Simmons. “Teaching was right up my alley.”

Hired as an instructor for one course in 2008, today Simmons is a full-time lecturer.
“As the years went by, I realized I enjoyed teaching as much as being a practitioner,”
she says. “The primary class I teach, Business Communications, is a combination of
all things I love: writing, teamwork, problem solving, career exploration and presentations.” 

Besides her teaching talents, Simmons is an expert in identifying a need in the community
and using Towson students to bridge the gap. She has partnered with Target on a business
case competition and is constantly building relationships with organizations in the
community to utilize Towson students in an internship capacity.


“I want to give students the experience they need and help organizations at the same
time,” says Simmons.  One of the secrets of her success: “Students know that I have
sat on the other side of the employment decision, and I have their best interests
at heart.”  

I have a passion for Towson, and I am always eager to help students prepare for life
after college.

Lisa Simmons

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