Khan Hoa Tran-Ba | Towson University


B.S., Material Sciences
Justus-Liebig University, Germany

Ph.D., Chemistry
Kansas State University

Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Columbia University

Areas of Expertise

Experimental Physical Chemistry
Fluorescence Microscopy and Imaging
Polymer Characterization and Physics

Research Interests

Research in the Tran-Ba lab focuses on the application of single-molecule fluorescence
techniques to study complex soft materials including nanostructured polymers, microporous
hydrogels, and other technologically relevant soft matter.  Specifically, we measure
the diffusion behaviors of individual fluorescent molecules and particles in films
and hydrogels in order to understand how the underlying nano/micro structure supports,
guides, and restricts their diffusive motion.  Students in my lab are primarily engaged
in A) the preparation of suitable polymer samples for fluorescence microscopy, B)
the fluorescence measurement of the prepared samples, and C) the quantitative analysis
of the recorded fluorescence data.  Further information can be found at the Tran-Ba
lab website:


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