Kaiser Permanente / Brand Engagement & Corporate Events Internship

Kaiser Permanente

Internship Profile

Position Title: Brand Engagement and Corporate Events Intern
Student Name: Marris Linsao
Graduation Year: May 2020
Major: Health Education & Promotion
Type of Internship: Fundraising and Event Management
Career Community Cluster: Media, Arts, and Communication (MAC); Social Impact, Public Service, and Education
City, State: Rockville, MD
Semester: Summer
Hours:  30 + hours per week
Paid or Unpaid: Hourly wage

How did you find this internship?

I found this internship through the Kaiser Permanente career page on their website.

What advice on the internship application process would you give to another TU student
interested in this internship?

My advice would be to apply early and be as professional as possible in your resume
and cover letter. These are the first impressions you give, and they determine whether
or not the recruiter passes your application along to the hiring team.

What did you do as an intern at this organization?

At Kaiser Permanente I assisted in planning, organizing, and implementing large and
small corporate events for Kaiser which engaged over 500+ attendees. I organized the
event, speaker, vendor, and volunteer information into Excel sheets. I also created
event materials such as invitations, banners, and volunteer assignments. I oversaw
and directed volunteers and KP employees on the day of the events to ensure responsibilities
were being fulfilled.

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What did you find most rewarding in your internship?

The most rewarding part of my experience was the exposure I gained to the corporate
world. I also found it helpful being able to network with people within the other

What were the challenges you faced in your internship?

The most challenging part was stepping out of my comfort zone and asserting myself.
Sometimes it was hard to not act like the “intern” and just work as a regular member
of the team. Some people looked at me as beneath them, but you can’t let this hinder
you from doing your best work! People will notice your hard work and praise you for

If another student at TU was interested in your internship next year, what skills
would you recommend they develop in the coming semesters to prepare?

Skills I would recommend developing are volunteer experience, basic organization skills,
networking skills, and engendering an innovative mind.

about the organization

Kaiser Permanente

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente.

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/careercenter/students/internships/profiles/kaiser-permanente-brand-events-internship.html

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