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Typically, it can be difficult to find and attend K-pop concerts in the United States since they are not promoted widely and they do not occur often. Even though it is difficult, there are many sources available for you to find these concerts and buy tickets; you just have to know where to look.

The first thing to know is that the quickest way to find out about concerts is not by following a specific
artist or specific music label. The quickest way is to follow concert promoters in the United States that are
either known to work with K-pop bands or only work with K-pop bands. One really good promoter to follow is SubKulture Entertainment. Places you should follow them on
are Facebook and on Twitter. SubKulture Entertainment was responsible for a successful
American tour for the boy group BTS in 2015 and another tour in late 2015 for boy group Block B. Another
popular promoter that would be good to follow is Siva Group. You can
follow them on Facebook and on Twitter. Siva Group brought Big Bang to America in October 2015 and have
brought hip hop label AOMG to America twice so far.

The second thing to understand about K-pop concerts is that they almost always include various VIP packages.
Usually there is about three or four different packages that fans can buy. The cheapest package is a regular
ticket, either standing or a seat depending on the venue. This usually costs around $60 – $90. The next step up
will cost around $120 – $150 and can guarantee priority entry over regular ticket holders. The next step up
will be VIP ticket holders and will cost around $200. It includes early entry before regular ticket holders
and priority ticket holders and, depending on the artist, can guarantee fan merchandise and a hi-touch pass.
Hi-touch is when a fan gets to give the artists hi-fives and can say some quick words of encouragement to
them. If there is another ticket option, it is usually VVIP and costs anywhere from $250 – $300+. This benefit
would include everything a VIP ticket holder has, plus earlier entry and a photo with the artist. Korean
concerts can be very different from American concerts because they try to do anything they can to create fan

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The most important thing to know about K-pop concerts is that every year around July and August there is KCON. This is a K-pop convention that was originally held in Los Angeles, but expanded to New York in 2015 and expanded to Japan and Dubai in 2016. There are always at least 5 K-pop artists per concert night. KCON now lasts for three days in LA and two days in NY with different concerts each night. To keep up with all the information for KCON, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

View more information: https://tigerweb.towson.edu/kswann1/mcom341/project/subpage2.html

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