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Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (2018). Teaching English learners: Attitudes,
beliefs, and sense of preparedness of preservice teachers. Literacy Issues and Practices,
21(1), 17-27.

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., Martínez-Alba, G., Mogge, S. (2017). ¡Hablo un poquito de Español! Strategies to develop a Spanish course using technology in PDS settings. School University Partnerships Journal, 10(3), 51-61. 

Mogge, S., Martinez-Alba, G., & Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., (2017). Supporting school responsiveness to immigrant families and children: A university-school partnership. TESL-EJ, 20(4), 1-10. 

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., & Martínez-Alba, G. (2017). Responding to shifting demographic contexts.
In H. 
Malone (Ed.), The growing out-of-school time field: Past, present, and future. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Recent Conferences

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (2018, March). Voices of Linguistically Diverse Teachers in Early Childhood PDS. Presented at National Association for Professional Development Schools. Jacksonville, Florida.  

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (2018, March). Fluency for All.  Presented
at the 
International TESOL Convention. Chicago, Illinois. 

Martinez-Alba, G. & Cruzado-Guerrero, J. R. (2018, March). Re-thinking Your Online
Going from Zero to Hero. Presented at the International TESOL Convention. Chicago,

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (December, 2017). The Growing Out-of-School Time Field: Part I. Afterschool Alliances: After school Webinar. Online.  

Christenson. L. Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., & Daniels, J. (March, 2017). Opportunities
to Prepare Teacher 
Candidates to Serve Children in Professional Development Schools in Urban Settings. Presented at the
National Association for Professional Development Schools. Washington, DC.

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