Joseph Kraemer | Towson University


Temple University (MFA)
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (BFA)

Areas of Expertise

Film production, directing, cinematography, new media, film theory and aesthetics


Kraemer is a filmmaker, writer and educator whose creative interests lie at the intersection
between traditional audio-visual storytelling forms and the hybrid approaches to mediated
experience promoted by emerging new media technologies. His work has exhibited in
film festivals, conferences and galleries across the U.S., including Chicago, Boston,
Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia. His scholarly writings have won numerous
awards including First Place in the University Film and Video Association’s Paper
Prize for two years running, from 2013-2014. He works professionally as a cinematographer
and has also worked as Executive Director of the NextFrame Student Film and Video
Festival from 2010-2012. He received his MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University
and his BFA in Film from the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
He currently teaches film production as an associate professor within the Electronic
Media and Film Department at Towson University.

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